Saturday, December 31, 2016

LAST and only posting this year....

OK here we are last day of 2016 
my last chance to post this year.....

Things have changed a little this year, 
here is a new house finished and another going up

here is the view from the gate of Santa Anita

the house on the left is the newly finished house of Caroline and Rodrigo

then past the casita on the right is the new house for Rodrigo Senior and his wife

further along on the right we see the open lots that are lush with knee high grass now that we have gotten rid of the horses (I am sure they must be better off where ever they went Kevin was over worked carrying water for them a couple of times a day)

turning to the right we see the expanse of wall that we had to replace after the earthquake damaged it to the point of it was ready to fall over. (running from Paul and Angela's wall to the front corner.)

On to Paul and Angela's beautiful front yard.

The boys and I are now enjoying a section of the lot next to ours that we had mowed and is great space to chase the ball.

Kevin stepped out to say hello; they have redone their front walk and Judy has planted some pretty flowers. they also rebuilt the low wall and cemented in the front courtyard to make it more usable.

Our front yard

we now have a row of "volunteer" trees (all grown from the seeds this tree makes abundantly)

 close up of seed pods

The driveway island is happy and looking fine.

on the other side of the drive the edge planting was really looking bad so we took them our and replanted with some green suculant ground cover.

closeup of transplanted ground cover

Earlier this year we installed a white rough tile covering over the first 2.5 feet up the wall on front of house and front of the pool house to match the tiles on back patio walls. here under guest bedroom window.

and garage wall also clad with the new tile and where more new plantings are happy (gardner took out the lavender here a couple of months ago.)

Last week we had 4 new garden gates installed. Metal to replace the 4 year old rotting wooden ones that we had to paint every year, they are also wider so the gardener can now use his riding mower.

In the orchard we have figs falling off the tree

One of the lemon trees is bursting with fruit

as is our heavily laden avacado tree

also in the orchard is a very happy


Under the guest bathroom window the Lavender plants had become just too woody and the gardener recommended removal so that was done and cuttings are now planted there along with ground cover we got from the coffee coop over in Intag.

Our enclosure for the large water tank was "roofed" over and we added water purification equiptment for the well water so when the dry season returns we will be able to switch over from the city (no water) system to purified water from our well!!

the Magnolia tree is happy that the construction is in the past and the area around it has recovered

Grass and garden plantings around the poolhouse are doing well also.

The boys help me take pictures

the gate from the back yard to the vegetable garden

the garden is looking good

here are two red head lettuce ready to eat!

and Ane is getting herb seeds started as of this morning.

in the greenhouse the tomatoes are in full production

take care and have a great new year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Lets start with Santa Anita houses:

Here is the view from just inside the gate:

There is a new house going in on first lot on left

and further in on the right Paul and Angela have added some color to the neighborhood

Here is the approach to our house which looks pretty much the same.

But the view from the turnaround at the end of the drive is a little different with the pool house dominating the back yard.

The garden behind the garage now sports 5 new raised beds to replace those lost in the orchard due to construction access.

And also due to the construction we have lots of scrap wood piling up (after we cut it up) 

here is Ane surveying the remains of the scrap pile and another wood stack
we will have lots of fires now.

and the cause of it all, here is the front of the pool house with grass back and some landscaping planted along the front

Inside is the gem of the year our salt water pool-
from the back towards the door.

from the front corner

and from the doorway

out the front door of the pool house we see the soon to be painted closet addition and new sidewalks.

the grass is returning on the back side of the pool house too

Meanwhile over in the orchard the citrus trees are bursting with fruit.

and the avocado is also setting on fruit


Inside the house the new walk-in closet has new floor and lots of new closet fixtures. Here is the entry.

with new hanging area on left 

and right

and lots of new shelves

So there we are lots of changes this year 

Seasons greetings to all.
see you next year.....